Credit Card Shock – Employers Run Credit Checks On Job Applicants

Weary of the costly games some workers play with elaborate systems of vacation, personal and sick days, many large employers, including many of our clients, have shuffled the deck and called a new game: paid time off (PTO).

Will I be operating out of my gifts? Careers, like anything else, are most agreeable when we enjoy the work involved. Usually, we enjoy the work when we are good at it and can do it without undue stress or effort. While this seems simple enough, many high school students focus on the money they want to make, rather than the skills they are good at, their gifts, and they end up in high-paying jobs that make them miserable. Assess your natural gifts and align your career options in those areas. By the time you are in high school, you will be aware of some of your natural gifts, and getting input from family members is a fantastic idea.

However, assuming this is a reasonably good employee and they leave, it costs at least $3,500.00 to replace them after all employee turnover costs have been calculated, according to one study reported by SHRM, the Society for hr consultancy services London. (This was the lowest estimate of 17 reports).

At a networking meeting, a colleague suggested that I consider joining the Women’s Business Development Center. After looking into it, I had my business certified as a women’s business enterprise. In addition to meeting other women business owners, I gained access to a member directory of businesses that are interested in doing business with women business owners.

And you don’t really need a car in Costa Rica! New cars can be very expensive due to high import duties, and you cannot bring your car from the States, as you will have to pay very high import tax on the book value of your car. We sold our two cars in the States and bought one new car here in Costa Rica.

Get a copy of your credit report. The three credit reporting agencies usually allow one free copy of your report each year. Get it and study it to make sure it is accurate. Contact the credit reporting company if there are errors.

Your employee retention strategies need to help your organization retain valuable employees and expertise; deliver services and products; improve customer retention; and increase sales and bottom line profit.

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